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Gigi is passionate about helping people and programs reach their full potential. What’s yours?


“Her enthusiasm is contagious.”


Teacher, YMCA


“Thank you again, Gigi, for the many reminders of why I became a Mom!”


Parent, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals


“Best session yet. Even better than the Disney session!”


Administrator, National Association for Child Care Providers


“Amazing speaker. Energized. Perfect balance between humor and content.”


Ministry Director, LifeWay Children’s Conference
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1. Your child has food on his face from breakfast and you are headed into preschool,

a. you moisten a tissue from your car with water from a water bottle and wipe his face
b. you dip a Dunkin Donuts napkin in iced coffee and wipe his face
c. you lick your finger and use your finger to wipe his face
d. you just lick his face
e. you just leave the food on his face and figure he can lick it off himself for snack

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Gigi's New Book Series, Winning Ways,  for Teachers


Like many of you, I have been working with young children all my life, really since I was 18 months old when my brother, David, was born - my life as a first-born with a couple siblings. Can anyone relate? Actually, I was nine, when I started officially working with children. I set up a summer camp in my backyard for the neighborhood kids. Parents paid fifty cents a day per child. Good deal for them!